Organizational Development and Effectiveness

After more than two decades of management consulting services, CGH has developed an approach to organizational development and effectiveness that includes the following steps.

Each client is different, and each project requires attention to staffing, budget, calendar, and other variables. However, these are the basic steps you can plan on when you work CGH on your Organizational Development and Effectiveness projects:

  • Organizational Assessment — We perform organizational assessments to determine “as-is”” and “to-be” states and determine the “gaps” that need to be addressed and overcome
  • Assessment Approach — We perform organizational development and improvement assessments of the Air Traffic Organization (ATO) or other organizational entity at corporate, service unit, service area, and facility levels
  • Define To Be — We ensure that the documentation is organized and structured so that team interfaces are defined and process improvement changes are developed to support activities related to the implementation of related laws, directives, orders, and plans
  • Implementation — We provide the appropriate skills to implement the changes and recommendations identified in the assessment.

For more information about our services, including the broad range of solutions we have implemented for our customers using a wide variety of contract vehicles, please contact us.

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