Facilities Engineering & Corrective Maintenance

CGH provides comprehensive solutions to improve facility operational efficiency. These solutions include support to facilities design, facilities management, engineering, acquisition, program management, and corrective maintenance to access control systems, surveillance systems, intrusion detection systems, security intercom and access video systems, metal detectors, and security barrier arms and gate operators.

Growing in experience over the past twenty years, CGH has worked within the FAA environment in facilities management and engineering. We consistently implement innovative practices, raising the bar to produce the highest quality solutions. Our work has included operations and engineering, support to infrastructure management, corrective maintenance, and regional and field operations.


CGH has provided support for design, engineering, acquisition, program management, and corrective maintenance for FAA facilities nationwide. Working closely with the FAA, CGH staff members have made sure that equipment used by FAA facilities across the country is operational 24 hours a day, every day, to facilitate the safe and efficient movement of our nation's air traffic. This support includes ensuring high-performance operation of security equipment and software by CGH staff who are located all accross the nation and who have exceptional credentials, talents, and depth of experience.

CGH is able to integrate our subject matter experts into project-specific multidisciplinary teams to ensure the right blend of know-how on each project. CGH specializes in corrective maintenance to security equipment, such as intrusion detection systems, and works within the FAA environment to provide engineering solutions to manage security and safety.

CGH offers the following Facilities Management and Engineering services:

  • Safety Management Systems (SMS) and Safety Risk Management
  • Physical Security Maintenance
  • Infrastructure, Operations and Maintenance Process Improvements and Documentation
  • Specialty Engineering (Spectrum, Environmental, Civil, and Mechanical)
  • Space Utilization and Occupancy Management
  • First Level Technical and Engineering Certification
  • Verification of Operational Hardware and Software

For more information about our services, including the broad range of solutions we have implemented for our customers, please contact us.