By some estimates, over 90% of communication is not transmitted by words. Think about it. You can watch a foreign language television show and get a sense of what is happening even if you have never been to that country and do not speak a word of that language.

CGH facilitators are aware of the non-verbal cues and other ways that people communicate in meetings, workshops, and daily interactions. We are skilled at finding difficulties, resolving conflicts, and cutting through time-wasting and diversionary tactics. Most importantly, we are experts at helping people to reach agreements.

CGH facilitation creates and maintains an environment where clients accomplish their objectives and strengthen relationships. We create a non-judgmental and objective environment where people feel safe to share their opinions. Our staff has decades of experience working with a broad range of corporations and government agencies, including the Federal Aviation Administration and the Office of Personnel Management’s headquarters, regional and field operations.

For more information about our services, including the broad range of solutions we have implemented for our customers using a wide variety of contract vehicles, please contact us.

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