Jonathan Branker of CGH Speaks in Spain

March 27, 2014

Jonathan Branker of CGH Technologies, an award-winning D.C.-based aeronautical software and services company, served as a featured speaker on airport security issues at the Passenger Terminal EXPO 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. This event, which serves as the largest platform for the world’s airport and airline industries to debate current issues and form business relationships, was attended by over 3,500 aviation industry leaders and government executives from at least 85 countries.

Mr. Branker spoke at the EXPO’s Aviation Security, Border Control & Facilitation session. His topic was Applying Systems Thinking to Airport Security Access Control Designs. He described how Access Control Systems (ACS) had evolved as autonomous systems, but the need for sharing of personal identity verification (PIV) and the collection, retention, use and disposal of credentialing has led to privacy and trust issues. He showed how a systems dynamic modelling approach to ACS design mitigates privacy and trust concerns, thus reducing access denial incidents for authorized personnel.

Later, Mr. Branker served on an EXPO 2014 panel discussing Challenges and Opportunities for Large-Scale and International Development in Airport-based Border Control – What Does the Future Hold? Aside from Mr. Branker, other panelists were top government security officials from Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Mr. Branker is one of the many CGH staff members who are Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in Aviation topics. He has extensive background in Airports and Aviation Solutions, as well as Telecommunications, Networking, and Product Development. He was one of the key representatives of private industry who developed the current minimum security requirements for Airport Access Control Systems.

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