Harris-CGH Team Wins $331 Million Contract

For Immediate Release: September 20, 2012
Contact: Audrey Hinton at ahinton@cghtech.com or (202) 580-7427

CGH is a member of the Harris Corporation’s FAA DCIS (Federal Aviation Administration Data Communications Integrated Services)team, which was just awarded a $331 million contract from the FAA to provide highly reliable air/ground data communications services. This program is a key element in the transformation from voice-based air traffic control to automated traffic management. The contract is a seven-year award, with ten one-year options that could extend the duration of the program until 2029.

Under the Data Communications Integrated Services (DCIS) contract, Harris and its teammates will provide integration and engineering services for the end-to-end DataComm system, including management and delivery of data communications services leveraging commercial air-to-ground digital data link networks to connect FAA air traffic control (ATC) sites and data communications-equipped aircraft. Harris will also establish an outreach initiative to encourage and incentivize aircraft operators to equip their aircraft with DataComm-compatible avionics.

“We are pleased to join our colleagues at the Harris Corporation on this new project for the FAA,” said CGH CEO Cindy Troutman. “And we appreciate this opportunity to help the FAA continue to improve the quality of air traffic control services it is providing to the American and international aviation communities.”

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