Federal Notice to Airmen System (FNS) program among finalists for SmartCEO’s Voltage Award

For Immediate Release: February 6, 2013

Contact: Audrey Hinton at ahinton@cghtech.com or (202) 580-7427

  The Federal Notice to Airmen System (FNS), which was designed, developed and deployed by CGH Technologies, Inc., is up for honors as a top example of technology coupled with innovation being used to advance and improve business operational efficiencies.

The CGH Team took the original (legacy) Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) system, which was based on antiquated teletype technology, fax machines, unreadable hand-written information, and unreliable phone transmissions, and made it fully digital, with policy-based business rules and near-real-time distribution. With the modernized, digitized FNS, these mission-essential notices can now be generated, published, and received by airmen and the National Airspace community in a matter of seconds compared to the previous 8-15 minutes or not at all. FNS provides notifications about the need to change flight routes due to runway closures based on severe weather conditions, lights out on high-structured obstacles, or other emergency life-threatening situations.

The FNS was designed to meet the current and future needs of the aviation community, because information has been standardized, the speed of information has vastly increased due to digital transmission, and information is delivered where it is needed.  The system is being deployed nationwide, and is now in more than 118 airports (including all major 30 core airports) and at the FAA’s Technical Operations center, which operates Navigational Aids for the entire nation.

The VOLTAGE Awards program celebrates the role that technology plays in our business community, and the future impact that the technology sector will have on our economic growth. The program recognizes leading innovators and implementers of technology. These are organizations that are developing new technologies that improve operational efficiencies (technology innovators) and companies that are using technology to enhance their competitive advantage (technology implementers). The finalists and winners will be celebrated at an awards celebration on May 30, 2013 at The National Press Club and profiled in the May issue of Washington SmartCEO magazine.  CGH will be proud to stand with the other Voltage Award finalists at that event.