CGH Implements TALPA Data Into FNS

CGH Technologies Inc., (CGH) announced that it has successfully completed the implementation of Takeoff and Landing Performance Assessment (TALPA) data into the Federal NOTAM System (FNS).  Effective October 1, 2016, airports use TALPA capability to conduct runway assessments and distribute critical and timely runway conditions through a newly formatted Field Condition (FICON) Notice to Airman (NOTAMs).  Within hours after the system went live early Saturday morning, October 1st, there were close to 250 FICON NOTAMS already issued. “Supporting the FAA’s commitment to enhancing safety and providing system operators with real time information is at the core of what we do here at CGH” said CGH President Cindy Troutman. The TALPA initiative has been a top priority for the Federal Aviation Administration.

Following the runway overrun accident of a Boeing 737 at Chicago Midway airport, the FAA Administrator chartered a joint Agency and industry committee to develop new methodologies for conveying actual runway conditions. Airport operators will perform assessments on paved runway surfaces to identify runway contaminants such as snow, ice, slush and water and report the current conditions to system operators using the NOTAM system designed, developed and implemented by CGH.  Runway contaminants can have an adverse impact on aircraft performance.  Airport operators will use a Runway Condition Assessment Matrix (RCAM) which will provide a more accurate runway condition report and provide pilots with a more consistent way of the severity, type and depth that will help the pilot better plan for the reported runway conditions.  The information is provided in a standardized format and interpreted based on airplane performance data supplied by airplane manufacturers. The RCAM replaces subjective judgments of runway surface conditions with objective assessments tied directly to contaminant types and depth of the contaminant through the use of the FNS.

The FNS system is used by various stakeholders including Airports, FAA’s Air Traffic Organization, Flight Service Stations (FSS), the Department of Defense (DoD), and numerous other aviation consumers. FNS generally publishes a NOTAM in fewer than one second, and provides a single-stop shop for all NOTAMs. In addition, the digital capture of the NOTAMs information and the ability to automatically publish it in multiple formats enables the NOTAM to be graphically represented, which is a major improvement for airmen. FNS also makes available both user and machine interfaces, which allows data to be available to mobile devices such as iPhones, Android-based devices, and iPads.

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